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poor poor vanilla...
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When people want to describe something standard, normal, default, monotonous, ordinary etc. they often use the word 'vanilla'. This is generally because vanilla is a standard type of ice cream, nothing spectacular like blueberry cheesecake, or chocolate royale, to name a few.

Truth is, I suppose vanilla has acquired these harsh connotations mainly due to the color and texture of the ice cream. The flavor is lovely, I'm sure few will disagree. After all, vanilla ice cream was the pioneering flavor. We need to pay it a little respect don't you think?

Why not get creative with the flavor? Make the ice cream colored in swirls of the rainbow, but only flavored with vanilla. Perhaps chuck in some sort of crunchy or chewy to give it a new texture and consistency, black rice crispies maybe?

You could practically mimic any ice cream, regardless of the color and texture to taste like vanilla. Using natural colors, and vanilla extracts for the flavor.

Come on....lets revamp and rejuvenate poor old vanilla.

Food for thought - The word vanilla is originally derived from the Latin word for vagina.

shinobi, Nov 22 2006

it's baked with red and blue dyes http://www.edys.com...or.asp?b=134&f=2324
[xandram, Nov 22 2006]

more colors http://www.hersheyi...orDetail.asp?FID=40
[xandram, Nov 22 2006]


       Well done; you've invented coloured ice-cream.
angel, Nov 22 2006

       Vanilla jam?   

       I was very confused when i first heard about vanilla coke.   

       Interestingly, this doesn't change the meaning of vanilla sex at all.
nineteenthly, Nov 22 2006

       Well I, for one, would never advocate copulating with ice cream, of any flavour.
zen_tom, Nov 22 2006

       Apple pie, perhaps, but not ice-cream.
angel, Nov 22 2006

       <pedant> //The word vanilla is originally derived from the Latin word for vagina// It's derived from the Latin word 'vagina' which means sheath or scabbard. The English words vanilla and vagina have a common root, so to speak.
spidermother, Nov 24 2006


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