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Wet n Tasty Ice Cream

Ice cream full of liquidy channels of fluid
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The person at the ice cream place puts a thing of ice cream n front of a klystron or shaped ultrasonic beam that has a beam forming mesh at the front

The thing of ice cream then has liquid areas that give it fluid springs of yummy goodness

beanangel, Oct 23 2009


       The ice would melt/the water freeze in a few seconds - the heat transfer in water happens too quickly.   

       Also, I'd get fluid springs of yummy goodness on my t-shirt.
jutta, Oct 23 2009

       if it keeps bean away from gonads it's a good idea.
WcW, Oct 24 2009

       alcohol [+]
FlyingToaster, Oct 24 2009

       "the heat transfer in water happens too quickly"
Yes, but we're talking about ice cream here.

       I'm not sure you'd end up with "fluid springs" but I bet you could partially soften otherwise too-hard ice cream.
phoenix, Oct 24 2009

       Why not just inject a blob of ice cream with hot caramel? Or perhaps have a hollow ball of chocolate filled with hot caramel and then wrapped in ice cream. Then put it on a cone and dip the whole thing in melted chocolate and serve it after it's hardened. Maybe throw some more caramel and some peanuts/almonds on there for good measure. Damn I'm hungry...
Joolin, Oct 24 2009

       Great idea if the part that liquifies gets hot enough. My favorite is hot fudge.
outloud, Oct 24 2009


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