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Sentry Roomba

attach a sentry figure to your roomba
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Sentry Roomba is a cut-out human figure that you can attach to a roomba vacuum cleaner when you're leaving your home or office, and want to create the illusion that there is still someone inside randomly moving around.

Sentry Roomba is available in a choice of several silhouettes, guaranteed to cast vague shadows resulting from the constant unpredictable movements, as the roomba bumps around the room.

An outline of simple sensors on the figure's two dimensional perimeter ensures that when the roomba tries to venture under the sofa, (for example) the figure's leg connects first and it backs away. Some additional plug-in software for the actual roomba ensures the movements are totally random with rest periods, and speeding up/slowing down actions being featured. Rotations and stochastic motions will also occur.

Sentry Roomba works best with additional lights to cast the necessary motion shadows at night.

Deluxe version comes with a waltzing partner. (requires purchase of a second roomba)

xenzag, Dec 29 2019

this workaholic https://youtu.be/4I_H11VjNjg
Just don't make a mess [wjt, Dec 30 2019]

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       Make an inflatable version of this and you have a winner. Lightweight and it doesn't give away that it's a cutout by turning sideways.   

       Peaceful version is holding a phone and pacing around having a conversation with somebody and would presumably say "Hey, somebody's breaking in, call 911 for me!" or call 911 themselves because the phone is already in hand. The more extreme version is pacing around with an AR-15. The phone gaffe would also lend plausibility to a person walking around in random directions for extended periods of time. The pacing AR-15 guy might get your door broken down by a SWAT team so forget that one.   

       Your best idea ever Xen. (If you change it to 3 dimensional inflatable instead of a cutout.)   

       By the way, just bought one of these for my wife for Christmas. (the robot vacuum, not the menacing inflatable sentry) I put a note on top of it saying: "Things to do today: 1- Vacuum carpets. 2- Kill all humans. 3- Vacuum carpets again. I thought it was funny. Wife, not so much.   

doctorremulac3, Dec 29 2019

       // 1- Vacuum carpets. 2- Kill all humans. 3- Vacuum carpets again. I thought it was funny. Wife, not so much. //   

       The gene for "A sense of humour" is typically active only on the "Y" chromosome, as any fule kno. Rarely, there are recessive mutations of XX organisms where the gene is expressed. [MB] and [bs] will be able to fill in the details for the exact mechanism.   

       We like this idea, particularly the bit with the AR-15, although we wish to point out that a real AR-15 carried at chest level will probably cause the assembly to topple.   

       The answer is clearly to have a much more powerful Roomba on which several full ammunition boxes can be stacked.
8th of 7, Dec 29 2019

       Who is the "we", 8th? As for the idea, I like it, a lot. I could also use the sentry for other things, I take it. Just things.
blissmiss, Dec 29 2019

       8th and Max are a sort of harmless lovable duo, like a music hall act featuring a caricature puppet that has a mind of its own, despite the best efforts of its frustrated operator.
xenzag, Dec 29 2019

       I too want to convey the impression to anyone surreptitiously monitoring me that I spend my free time walking randomly around my apartment, running into walls face-first over and over again.
sninctown, Dec 30 2019

       That's easily achieved. Just keep doing it when you're at home and programme your roomba to carry out the same repetitive wall encountering actions when you're out.
xenzag, Dec 30 2019

       // I could also use the sentry for other things, I take it. Just things. //   

       Like carrying around a cat to ward off [8th]?
notexactly, Dec 30 2019

       Misread the title as “Sexy Roomba”...
hippo, Dec 31 2019

       R2D2 ?
8th of 7, Jan 01 2020

       Well in that case I want my cardboard cut out to have that inverted face illusion that looks like it's eyes follow you if you're peeking in the window as I Roomba by.   

       Shades of Home Alone [+]
21 Quest, Jan 04 2020

       Wow! - Where have you been? Great to see you back again. Since your holiday, a lot has happened here. 8th is having Max's love child and the custody battle is going to be settled with a pillow fight dual (at a cliff edge with circling crocodiles below) Others have deserted the beloved HB in a fit of pique, but the stalwarts continue. Have a great new year. Hope you keep posting.
xenzag, Jan 04 2020

       My lawyers are the best money can buy - custody will inevitably go to [8th]. Meanwhile, as [xen] pointed out, the tall warts are still here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2020


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