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Suction Collar

cut hair and suck up all the clippings
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My friend dutifully cuts my hair every month, using an electric shaver with a number 2 head on it. This results in the generation of a large volume of tiny hair clippings, many of which find their way inside my T shirt, despite the presence of a wrap around cape. These things are itchy and annoying and have no other function than to irritate.

I solved this problem with an earlier posting (see link if I can find it) but in that solution, a third person is required to operate the proposed device. Suction Collar is different to the previous solution as it is totally independant. Here's how it works:
A simple 'open and close' plastic donut shaped collar fits around the neck of the person receiving the haircut. The collar is perforated with a large amount of holes. At the back of the collar is a connector that enables it to be attached to the end of the hose from a domestic vacuum cleaner, a fine example being a Henry. (like I have)

Now when the hair is being cut, the vacuum cleaner is switched on, resulting in 99.99% of the hair clippings being sucked away.

xenzag, Oct 20 2018

Hairgienist previous version requiring an assistant [xenzag, Oct 20 2018]


       Put me down for one please if it works. [+]
bhumphrys, Oct 20 2018

       Far simpler, shirley, to have one's hair cut whilst being suspended by one's feet?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 20 2018

       Not much use in Australia though, or in any place that has right angled gravity.
xenzag, Oct 20 2018

       Is there some electrostatic solution to this? For example, first you would make the person having their hair cut positively charged and you'd also have a horizontal screen several inches above their head negatively charged. This will make the person's hair stand on end (easier to cut), and when it is cut, the loose hairs will fly up to stick to the negatively charged screen.
hippo, Oct 22 2018

       Immersion in warm, flowing water would be pleasant, and the water would carry away hair.
Voice, Nov 02 2018


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