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Silent Vacuum Cleaner

Whisper Quiet Vacuum Cleaner
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[Edited! (twice)] Changed due to [sprogga]'s "soliciting" complaint.

We need a powerful yet whisper quiet vacuum cleaner:

Here's how it works:

Many strong but very thin streams of air are sent TOWARDS the rug, so that the dust is raised from the rug to the air. This creates only a low hiss.

The main body of the vacuum cleaner, immediately above the rug then slowly sucks up the raised dust into a thin and plate shaped dustpan.

This vacuum cleaner works without long pipes, and uses silent fans, sucking upwards only slightly with low power.

pashute, Mar 28 2008

Why has nobody invented a silent vacuum cleaner? http://uk.answers.y...070406072620AAJY0VT
[skinflaps, Mar 28 2008]

(?) Silencio dirt-buster http://uk.gizmodo.c...cuum_cleaner_1.html
Overides the first link. [skinflaps, Mar 28 2008]

Silent Laptop Fan http://www.engadget...es-to-cool-laptops/
Solid state fan for laptops, so use a 100 of these... [MisterQED, Mar 28 2008]

(?) Silent Vacuums Revisited (2008 link found, 2011 link gone) Silent_20Vacuums_20Revisited
where was this when i posted? I searched and looked at the HB and at this section in particular?! :-( [pashute, Mar 30 2008, last modified Nov 06 2011]


       I'm interested in the subject, but (-) this is too little idea.   

       Halfbakery approach: tiny moving hairs on the inside of the sucker tube move the dust instead of sucked air.   

       The pick-up part could be based on glue rather than air suction. Is there anything that changes stickiness under external control (e.g., when voltage is applied)?
jutta, Mar 28 2008

       //There are silent fans// I like my fans to cheer and clap loudly.
xenzag, Mar 28 2008

       They just made silent laptop fans (link) which work on the same premis as those air purifiers, but I think they'd clog too quickly.
MisterQED, Mar 28 2008

       //Is there anything that changes stickiness under external control (e.g., when voltage is applied)?//
A van de Graaff generator?
coprocephalous, Mar 28 2008

       There's a very strong rumor that vacuum-cleaner makers put in extra noise so that buyers think the cleaner is more powerful.   

       I've quieted a few cleaners by putting a sock into/over the exhaust outlet. That reduces power only a little.   

       Most of the noise is going to come from the exhaust end. The rigid body of the cleaner adds some. Very little noise comes from the intake end.
baconbrain, Mar 28 2008

       Maybe they could reduce noise level using the same principle used on jet engines, and in active silencing headphones, introducing an equal but opposite sound.
doctorbill, Mar 28 2008

       In a vacuum, nobody can hear you - well, vacuum.
normzone, Mar 28 2008

       Thanks [skinf] for the links!   

       The Silencio only dabs at the problem. I want a real silent one. And I'm sure there's an engineering solution to be found. Of course it cannot work by having a big motor creating large volumes of vacuum (or rather clearing large volumes of air) from a long pipe. Thats why I proposed a few half baked so lutions.
pashute, Mar 30 2008

       [-] I thought the idea here was to propose ideas, not solicit them.
sprogga, Mar 31 2008

       Whole house vacuum systems, while not completely silent, are a whole lot more quiet than your usual push 'n drag machine. The idea presents putting the vacuum motor, and noise source, nearer the dust, but the whole house system reverses that by putting it as far away as possible.
Noexit, Apr 02 2008

       sources of noise (post compressor):   

       motor bearings, vibration of motor and entire unit, turbulence in the compressor, ducting and of course turbulence in the exhaust/ambient air interface.   

       so: magnetic bearings and a well balanced motor to minimize induced vibrations, a better compressor blade (maybe larger and slower, or compound), small ducts (imagine a bundle of drinking straws) in the exhaust to introduce laminar air flow with minimal back-pressure, diffuser-style exhaust to minimize air-velocity differences (shearing generates vorticity).   

       i know that however it is done, that it can be. this is because i use a CPAP machine that pumps a large volume of air at a fairly high pressure virtually in total silence.   

       yes, i'm all for a silent vacuum cleaner!
TIB, Apr 02 2008

       A vacuum where the part that does the work consists of a large bell-shaped chamber and a vacuum pump. Cleaning by sudden decompression must kill a lot of dust mites, and is likely to be an effective dust remover in its own right...
Voice, Apr 03 2008

       When I was a single guy, I found that the quietest method, by far, was simply not to care how clean anything was.
Ander, Apr 03 2008

Texticle, Apr 03 2008

       Actually, the sound of my wife complaining is much worse than the sound of a vacuum cleaner.
Ling, Apr 04 2008

       [TIB] What brand of CPAP do you use? Maybe I'll contact the company and ask them how this is achieved.
pashute, Apr 10 2008

       I'm sitting in the airport and they're using a silent vacuum cleaner right now. No whine, you can only hear as much as the hiss of air being sucked in. But I bet those are expensive as hell. (and no, it's not central vacuum, it's connected to electrical outlet)
Wesha, May 03 2009

       OK. Edited a second time.   

       I still never saw one, although I made a point to look at our local airport at the vacuum cleaners. (Large "cleaning trucks" with muffled vacuum motor inside).   

       Originally, as sprogga correctly noted, it was a call for ideas. Something like what they do on the innocentive.com website.   

       I think I clarified the idea and made it more specific.
pashute, Nov 06 2011

       (Obligatory) In space, no-one can hear you clean.
spidermother, Nov 06 2011

       I'll [+] it; I'e been considering something like this for a standalone carpet cleaner.   

       re: link, it's still not there.
FlyingToaster, Nov 06 2011


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