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The Impella

Vacuum cleaner for food products
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I designed one of these for my Product Design degree - final year project.

It is used to suck up food products/waste in the kitchen. The food is passed through the fan and a blade, liquifying it so that the waste can be poured down the sink plug hole.

With the use of a tipping container, it can also be used to unblock the sink by simultaneously sucking up, liquifying and emptying foods that have collected in the plug hole. In order to wash out the product the nozzle is rotated through 180degrees and the Impella is used to suck water from the tap passing it through internally and out into the sink via the pivoting container.

Tell me what you think. If you would like more information or to see the product email me at will_usher@yahoo.co.uk.


Larotilc2, Jul 22 2003

Impella http://designshow.bournemouth.ac.uk/
kitchen vacuum shredder [Larotilc2, Oct 04 2004]

Impella http://designshow.b...usher/willusher.htm
Direct link to Will's page. [st3f, Oct 04 2004]


       The Masticator. Keep it away from your hamsters.
phoenix, Jul 22 2003

       Sounds like a hybrid between a disposall and a vacuum. Point.
bungston, Jul 22 2003

       Any chance of posting a link to some pictures of this gizmo?
st3f, Jul 22 2003

       i'm new, but isn't this a little baked since you've already built it
drainfood, Jul 22 2003

       My interpretation is that it has been designed with no word about whether it has been built. Since most posts here are, in fact, designs this seems to fit right in. Like [st3f], though, I wish to see an illustration as I am struggling to picture the Impella.   

       By the way, would it be a Chevrolet?
bristolz, Jul 22 2003

       I was thinking prancing antelopes....
silverstormer, Jul 22 2003

       sorry I don't have a web site unfortunately and no it hasn't been made, just tested using computer software. I thought that maybe I could add a few pictures on the site, but obviously I can't, sorry.
Larotilc2, Jul 22 2003

       aah hold on.. here is a link to the initial basic design and a bad photo of me looking like Terminator 4.   


       The final product is basically more streamlined and detailed. If anyone would like to see how it works then I could email some images.
Larotilc2, Jul 22 2003

       Hi, Larotilc - good first idea.
Here's a couple of others:
Put your email on your profile page.
Use the *link* feature for links.
thumbwax, Jul 22 2003

       beat you to it Laro.   

       where in the link is the impella?
po, Jul 22 2003

       ok now my screen is full of random links. Click on 'Product Design Visualisation' at the top then 'BSc' and then the name 'will usher'.   

       By the way in real life we are not all that ugly. Digital cameras in dark rooms even make the best looking girl in the south of England look like a herion addict.
Larotilc2, Jul 22 2003

       hey thats good. looks like one of bris' drawings. shame you cannot link direct to the page.
po, Jul 22 2003

       bris' drawings?
Larotilc2, Jul 22 2003

       bris(tolz) is a moderator on this site who illustrates some ideas, in my opinion, most brilliantly.   

       st3f, why could I not do that? whats the secret?   

       good god, he looks like <curtsey> Wills!,
po, Jul 22 2003

       yeh they are v.good sketches. Some good ideas as well, like the slitter and the mailbox thingy - don't know if its for shredding junk mail, but it should do that because theres too much of it.   

       That LED light link is good as well. I need to buy shares in some sort of LED company... they are the future of lighting especially for roll up TV's etc.
Larotilc2, Jul 22 2003

       welcome to hb.
po, Jul 22 2003

       my bad... + for the grim noise it would make sucking up old pizza
drainfood, Jul 23 2003

       garbage disposal (garburetor for canadians)
-----, Mar 04 2004


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