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thank you horn

Thanks helpful drivers
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In Hawaii, there's a small custom of giving the shaka when someone lets you into the lane. I think it'd be kinda nice to have a uniformed "thank you" horn to let people know that they appreciate being let in or other good deeds that happen everyday while driving. Also, it'd be an incentive for drivers to drive with Aloha, as we say here.
Jibberwashed, Aug 01 2002


       Look up there --^ for the various similar versions. "Angry honk, Happy honk" and "proportional honking" are the obvious ones. Personally, I find that a little wave works OK, but I understand that you only have big waves in Hawaii.
It's often a sign of a good idea that something like it has been posted before. (Unfortunately, that's also the sign of many a bad idea.)
angel, Aug 01 2002

       I find flashing the hazards once is a polite way of saying thanks to a driver behind you.
sild, Aug 01 2002

       Or warning them to get out of your way because your car is about to explode.
NickTheGreat, Aug 01 2002

       Why not add some flashing LED's and we can call it a day...
[ sctld ], Aug 01 2002

       Just make one of your vehicles a full-size 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser painted in tiger camo with a teddy bear roped to the front grill and everyone gets out of your way.
dag, Aug 01 2002

       A friday the 13th Jason Mask on the grille works just as good as a teddy bear.
DeusExMachina, Nov 13 2003


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