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The Automatic Teen Nagger

Make your Child come home and stop drunk driving
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A small box that affixes to the car dashboard. It contains an alarm clock, a breathalyzer, and a taperecorder with the mother's voice on it. The mother can set the alarm to curfew, at which point the speakersare shut down and it goes off every minute or two saying things like "You should be home". The breathalyzer , if it identifies a dangerous percentage of alchohal in the breath of the driver, sets off a beeping alarm, and screams phrases such as "You could die! Please, don't drink and drive" constantly. It will usually bother the driver enough that he will stop, or come home.
Rmac, Oct 20 2009


       Took me a while to figure out what this had to do with Dungeons and Dragons.
theleopard, Oct 20 2009

       No, DRINKING AND DRIVING. its an acronym in the U.S.
Rmac, Oct 20 2009

       Yeah, I got that now, thanks.   

       Half of me thinks that an ardent D&Der is not going to be deterred by a tape recording, and the other half thinks that teens will play their music loud enough to drown out the maternal drone. If it was hooked into the car's speakers that might do the trick, especially if said teen is hoping to impress friends with their ride.
theleopard, Oct 20 2009

       there, I set it to shut down the speakers.
Rmac, Oct 20 2009

       Ah, that fun Christmas family game, Role-Playing Grenade.
theleopard, Oct 20 2009

       You'd have to play that outside.
Rmac, Oct 20 2009

       I agree with quest. I don't think a nagger should be called a nagger. Maybe heckler. Or nagging bitch. Yes, nagging bitch works much better than nagger.
daseva, Oct 20 2009

       Shouted from the belltower in authentic pioneer gibberish:   

       "The new sherrif's a na...."
Twizz, Oct 21 2009

       Yes, the title does grab the attention, doesn't it.   

       Maybe we could make a D&D nagger. It would sound like your wife/girlfriend saying things like "Are you still playing that stupid game?" or "If I step on one of these dice ONE MORE TIME!"
MikeD, Oct 22 2009

       If any of my children were drink driving, they'd probably be best off not coming home at all.
wagster, Oct 22 2009

       "I think the teen would save up 500 bucks or so and buy another car outright, then keep it parked a few blocks away and not tell his/her parents about it. That's what I would do, anyway." — 21 Quest, Oct 22 2009   

       That would be a useful lesson in self-support and the teen might be less likely to risk the car they saved up to buy themselves.
Twizz, Oct 23 2009

       Drink, don't drive.   

       It's something like that, anyway.
Ling, Oct 24 2009

       If I'd grown up in a household that would ever consider installing such an abomination, I would take up drinking and never quit. [ ]
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 26 2009

       Unfortunately I appear to have grown up in a country that is routinely deploying similar abominations.
Twizz, Oct 27 2009


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