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Status mirror

Why can't (British) politicians see how far they've sunk in the public's esteem
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Robert Burns said "Would some Power, the giftie gie us, to see oorselves as others see us".

We all possess some degree of self awareness don't we? So how come ALL UK politicians, led by the sainted Tony appear to live in a separate universe? They seem to have no clue how poorly they show up to the electorate.

They need help. Now I'm no techy but it can't be that hard to envisage a website that acts IN THEIR INTERESTS - like a caring parent - for erring ministers. Something that says "darling, don't wear that, you'll look silly" (metaphor for don't buy those shares it will be a conflict of interest).

It would need some kind of a backend interface thingy for "the public" to input their views and an algorithm widget to covert them into "good advice".

Tired now, you experts can take over............

Loafalot, Nov 03 2005

Dorian Grey Image Registry Dorian_20Grey_20Image_20Registry
[theircompetitor, Nov 03 2005]


       If politicans want to find out what people think of them, they have merely to open the newspapers. And if they don't, they're not going to look in your mirror.   

       For what it's worth, the US has a President renowned for ignoring what people are saying about him.
DrCurry, Nov 03 2005

       Yes, [DrCurry], but any second now, someone is going to remark that he's not visible in mirrors :)
theircompetitor, Nov 03 2005


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