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Trent Lott Nipple Rings

The ultimate post-modern accessory
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Two nicely crafted nipple rings, each with a very small picture of Trent Lott. If you want to give the gift that will leave your loved ones speechless, then this is it! For the ultimate in post-modern irony. Also available: Strom Thurmond butt plugs, Dick Cheney cock rings and John Ashcroft blindfolds. Fun for, well, some of the family... uh, maybe.
muppetboy, Dec 07 2002

OK, sort of related for the UK population http://www.fierrodi...illiams/tatuaje.asp
I really must get to grips with US politics [po, Oct 04 2004]


       Yeah, I've decided I'm against this one too. But it was too silly not to post just to see what people say and do fish/croissant-wise.
muppetboy, Dec 07 2002

       Good grief.
bristolz, Dec 07 2002

       Couldn't help it. I was just sitting there reading an appalling story about how Lott thought that we'd be living in a better world if only Thurmond had been elected president. Thurmond was of course running on a pro-segregation platform. This led me to wonder what would be equally appalling to Trent Lott. I think I may have found it.
muppetboy, Dec 07 2002

       I only hope I don't end up on the set of "Guantanamo Baywatch" for the crack about Ashcroft.
muppetboy, Dec 07 2002

       Lord of the nipple rings.   

       What has it got in it's nippleses?
egbert, Dec 07 2002

futurebird, Dec 07 2002

       There's funny, there's odd, strange, stupid and then there's this.
bspollard, Dec 11 2002

       "One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to --YEOWCH!-- get caught in my @#$^# mesh shirt!"
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 11 2002

       As it happens, I've just read the article that muppetboy refers to and I have to say that it left me agreeing with Lott that we would indeed be better off living in a segregated society. Now if we can only somewhere nice and remote to segregate him to.
DrBob, Dec 11 2002


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