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Shampoo already?

I'm just glad that I'm not the only one!!
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I think I'm the only one that forgets...

In the shower, I get lost in my thoughts or absorbed in my amazing singing. Either way, I can't always remember if I shampooed already, leading me to shampoo twice or not shampoo at all. There should be a gel button on the shampoo bottle that changes color when I hold it and stays that color for 3 min. or so. This way I know that I have shampooed=)

silly, yes...

goodmars, Feb 12 2009

Shower Platter Shower_20Platter
Another use-evident shampoo provision system [vincevincevince, Feb 13 2009]

These? http://www.oilies.co.uk/
"Touch me" stickers [nineteenthly, Mar 02 2009]


       You too? We must both be excellent singers...
wagster, Feb 12 2009

       Three minutes isn't enough for a decent aria.
coprocephalous, Feb 12 2009

       you can't feel the difference? maybe you need to shower less often.
WcW, Feb 12 2009

       + I also do this.
Zimmy, Feb 12 2009

       When in doubt..I follow the instructions on the bottle that always seemed odd before age and forgetfulness set in..."Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat"...I have found myself doing this more often than not...or did I..hmmm
jonnicee, Feb 12 2009

       You could just wash and rinse your hair with your eyes open. Then you'd know by the intense burning pain if you'd shampooed already or not.
snoyes, Feb 12 2009

       I swear there's something about the warm water hitting one's face that just resets one's brain. I lose time in the shower. If they rebooted my brain and replaced it with someone else each day, the morning shower would be the time to do it.   

       We need wearable, water-proof MRI machines...
jutta, Feb 12 2009

       anyone here know if many 60+ers have this problem?
goodmars, Feb 12 2009

       err.... 60+'ers ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 12 2009

       and I thought I was the only one...[+]
simonj, Feb 12 2009

       oh how embarrassing...i meant 30+ers... ;)
goodmars, Feb 12 2009

       that's more like it.
FlyingToaster, Feb 12 2009

       How about the new clean hair? I mean, if you can't even tell, why'd you do it? Or better yet, why do you care? I feel my hair is all nasty and I wash it. Am I missing something?   

       Showers are confusing places, however. I applaud the helping hand. +
daseva, Feb 12 2009

       I honestly can't tell when I'm in the shower. My hair just feels wet.
goodmars, Feb 12 2009

       If you put food coloring in the shampoo, it would stain your hands for a while. You could check your hands for color to determine your shampoo state.
bungston, Feb 12 2009

       Or put a small amount of acid so you can see hair on the shower floor...:)
goodmars, Feb 12 2009

       Buy cheap, strong-smelling shampoo. The nose knows.
Spacecoyote, Feb 13 2009

       Isn't the water around the drain all lathery after you've shampooed?
phundug, Feb 13 2009

       not in my shower
goodmars, Feb 13 2009

       Squeeze a dollop of shampoo onto a shower platter whilst outside and carry it into the shower cubicle - just enough for your needs - when it's gone, it's used. (See link)
vincevincevince, Feb 13 2009

       I guess I could shave my head too.
goodmars, Feb 13 2009

       I'm in your camp. I can't remember anything. Turn the bottle around after you've used it. This also works for salt on food, sugar in coffee, and dog food bowls.   

       (Don't try this trick on women in bed. It just pisses them off. Explaining why *really* pisses them off.)
colorclocks, Feb 13 2009

       damn, I had this problem (BAD) then I started putting the bottles in the tub before showering. After shampoo, the bottle goes back on the shelf, same with face wash.
evilpenguin, Feb 13 2009

       I'm just glad to that I'm not the only one!!
goodmars, Feb 13 2009

       I've given this idea the proper home.
goodmars, Feb 13 2009

       [up_on_cloud_nine], brilliant.
goodmars, Feb 13 2009

       i did it again. maybe a brain transplant is in order.
goodmars, Mar 02 2009

       [goodmars], I think you may be showering too often! Try showering just once a month, then you will know quite clearly whether you've shampooed.
phundug, Mar 02 2009

       How about a key to open the bottle? Lost keys are a familiar problem, and running around your house for 30 minutes, sopping wet, looking for your shampoo key will encourage you to make no more mistakes.
daseva, Mar 02 2009


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