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Shower thermostat

Maintains a constant water temperature
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If they can put a thermostat in cars and crock-pots, why not a shower? Automatically adjust hot/cold ratio to maintain a constant water temperature. Could even be powered by water flow through a small turbine, like those intelligent toilets.
rmutt, Apr 06 2000

Grohe: Grohtemp Thermostatic Temperature Control Valve http://www.GROHEAmerica.com/grohtemp.htm
I actually used an earlier version of this product in Japan in the early 80s. It worked wonderfully [jplummer, Apr 06 2000]

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       'Anti-scald valves'. Standard code at least in Florida...work by balancing the pressure of the hot and cold water; if the cold pressure suddenly lowers, the hot pressure goes down to compensate.
StarChaser, Apr 06 2000

       A while back when I was younger, there was a Heathkit kit for a nice digital shower thermostat. Had a little digital display and two big waterproof buttons. Was pretty neat looking but very expensive.
amadeus, Jul 29 2000

       I've seen ones with digital displays and buttons, to set specific temperatures, but they were expensive too...
StarChaser, Jul 30 2000


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