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Tectonic Cutlery

To go with the Tectonic Plates.
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The world already has various geologic bowls - but nothing to eat with.
AusCan531, Feb 17 2022

Teutonic crusader style sword https://26r1162iqrn...P-601-2-600x600.jpg
[Voice, Mar 26 2022]


       You've invented a new, overarching name for dredgers, tunnelling machines and continuous miners?
pertinax, Feb 17 2022

       Knives = cutlery
Spoons = scooplery
Forks = stablery

       But you didn’t say how they are made…
xandram, Feb 17 2022

       //But you didn’t say how they are made…//   

       Perhaps we could start with forked rivers. Then you and I could spoon later.
AusCan531, Feb 18 2022

       awww ok. bun+ but kind of pun
xandram, Feb 18 2022

       made for the pun [-]
Voice, Mar 22 2022

       Ha. Never thought of this so + for originality. A category I just made up in my head. +
blissmiss, Mar 22 2022


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