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The Forking Pen

Ball Point Eating Implement to fit in with the Executive Lifestyle
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A Rolling Ball Point Pen with a eating appendage to maximise time usage whilst eating at the desk. Comes in red and blue - red being the knife & blue being the fork. Available in a number of ergonomically pleasing finishes to suit the office decor. Corporate signage and individualisation available upon request.
BilboBoy, Dec 22 2003


       Can I buy the additional pen that doubles as a spork, half spoon, half fork...   

       And I will have the pocket protector which collects all the excess foody bits for my set of 6 pens, yes I do want the corn on the cob pen, the teaspoon pen... do I go on?
Supercruiser, Dec 22 2003

       Latest addition to the range includes A4 & A5 Napkin notepad with the highly versatile A3 Tablecloth
BilboBoy, Dec 22 2003

       Eaping upencils. (+)
Hey whap hattened po my P buppon?

       Fills a niche, BB. At my place of work, I often find myself shouting "Where's my Forking Pen?"
lostdog, Dec 22 2003

       Next thing you know and I will be baking my one cup desk dishwasher for the George Kastanza's out there...
Supercruiser, Dec 22 2003

       Ink and food - the perfect mix!
dobtabulous, Dec 23 2003


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