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Sim Mall

Create your own mall!
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OK, so I never heard back from the folks at Maxis on this idea, so here it is...

You create your own mall, you pick out the stores, the food court, bars, events, etc. Then, in typical Sim-evolution style, it either thrives or dies. Now you can finally have a mall without ANY shoe stores!

I also wanted them to do a Sim Bar... drink specials, wet T-shirt contests, Norm ...you get the drift.

Darkstar, Apr 28 2000

snack bar sim http://www.gepetoso...re.com/snackbar.htm
this is the closest thing i found on google [XKAL, Oct 17 2004]


       No Starbucks
thumbwax, Oct 08 2000

       No shoeprints. A conveyer belt of stools with designated hop-off points.
reensure, Oct 08 2000

       I think SimBar would be a winner. Should you allow Quiz Nights? Should you serve food? Karaoke? Will you let in under-age drinkers and risk being raided/ shut down? Should you invest heavily in remodeling the place and reopen the bar as a lap-dancing bar? Are you going to water down the drinks?
hippo, Oct 10 2000

       SimBar is a great idia, if you add options like a drink or food creater, itll be a hit. and a top down veiw of all the customers will be rewarding to the gamer to actualy see his bar's success as customers walk thru the doorand buy a drink. if you make the sim mall idia you can use SimBar as a plugin
XKAL, Nov 09 2002

       <echo>//No Starbucks//</echo>
NickTheGreat, Nov 11 2002


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