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Sitting Back Up Front

The front row of seats at a theater ought to recline.
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"Aw, my aching neck!"
"I think I suffered a series of siezures from the flashing lights and from the blood pooling in the back of my head!"
"I think I got side to side whiplash from that friggin' movie!"
"Yeah, I know what you mean, I don't even turn my head anymore.. by the way, who was that guy shooting at, at the end? I totally missed it, he was way over on your side."
"From now on, lets go to Schmendricks Theatre, which is halfway down on Bakery Lane."
"It utilizes the ample room in front of the theatre to install reclining chairs. The head support and the superb comfort of the reclined position makes sitting in the front row very desireable indeed. Often the front row is taken first!"
"Nah, your incessant talking also ruined the movie, I'm not interested."
"Aw fuck!"
schmendrick, Sep 12 2005




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