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Vertical Viewing

ceiling projections ensure there are no bad seats
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You walk into the theater and sit down, as you would normally. The aisles are wider and there are considerably fewer rows than usual. Once the lights go down and the previews start playing, all the seats tilt back so you can see the film being projected onto the ceiling. It's relaxing, you don't have to worry about getting stuck behind somebody who's too tall, or dealing with somebody trying to squeeze out for more popcorn in the middle of the film.
Tabbyclaw, Apr 03 2003


       I have to go to the bathroom. STEAMROLLER!!
blahginger, Apr 03 2003

       A cathoder? Shocking.
phoenix, Apr 03 2003

       "...all the seats tilt back," everyone spills their soda all over themselves and the popcorn goes all over the floor... (But I guess that happens anyway.)   

       Easier just to fit leg clamps to regular seats.
DrCurry, Apr 03 2003

       "...all the seats tilt back," everyone spills their cathode (sp)ray tubes all over themselves
FarmerJohn, Apr 03 2003

       You'd get dust in your eyes, looking straight up for two hours. Plus you'd have to put up with snoring.
waugsqueke, Apr 03 2003


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