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Polo Squares

Skin flake removers, made from real polo shirts
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I discovered (by accident), that polo shirts, especially the cheap ones with grainy textures, make excellent skin exfoliators! If you have dry flaky skin on your nose or forehead, rub the area with polo-shirt material and you'll be amazed at how much flaky white stuff is now attached to it.

I found that if I deflake my nose, forehead, cheeks, and ears, then wash them with warm soapy water, my skin feels as fresh and smooth as a baby's behind.

And, the squares are fully washable and reusable.

I can buy polo shirts from Old Navy for $9.99, cut each one into 20 squares, and sell the squares in packs of 5 for $9.99. Now that's profit.

phundug, Jan 26 2006

me too, skinflaps http://www.bedlampu...ite/polo-mints2.gif
[po, Jan 26 2006]


       Pure HB, hah! [+]   

       At first I thought this was going to be for square mints.
skinflaps, Jan 26 2006

       Or an extreme defensive move in equine hockey.
coprocephalous, Jan 26 2006

       Although I was also looking for a square mint with a square hole, this is better.
miasere, Jan 26 2006

       //I can buy polo shirts from Old Navy for $9.99//
...or by the material on a roll, and make more $$$$!..[+]
Minimal, Jan 26 2006

       keep all the used squares, and when you have enough, sew them back together again to make a skin flake bedspread, then use this to start your own dust mite farm. +
xenzag, Jan 26 2006


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