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Skin jewel senses fullness

Someone online requested a gadget that could tell them how full their stomach was so they could moderate their eating [link] a pressure sensor with skin nernst effect electricity could tell how distended the stomach is then beep a phone when 75% full.
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At the website quora there is a topic with more than 100 invention requests [link] There, Matthew Bates requested something that could tell him when he was 3/4 physcially full so he could stop eating, presumably for dieting purposes.

You might have seen stick on decorative polymer skin jewels[link]. I emphasize decorative because for people to wear it it should be fun and nice looking.

Aside from a 3 day microbattery or wireless charging it might be possible to power the thing from human moisture. (nernst battery). then just sense distendedness of the upper stomach area to make a phone beep.

Another different possibility is a distention-sensitive top button on pants. This would not be placed right to measure a meal, yet might be able to estimate diet direction telling the app on your phone to say "eat a little less today" or something. Better would be a circle that could slip underneath any existing top of pants button.

beanangel, Oct 14 2017

what others would like us to invent; more than 100 suggestions. https://www.quora.c...omeone-would-invent
[beanangel, Oct 14 2017]

images of adhesive jewels https://www.google....=1&q=adhesive+jewel
[beanangel, Oct 14 2017]


       If anyone feels like inventing to specification the more than 100 requests at quora might be welcome here (hint hint)
beanangel, Oct 14 2017

       It has nothing to do with how full your stomach is and everything to do with how much your brain enjoys the sensations associated with eating. Taste is pleasurable. Some minds perceive this more than others and crave food past the point of stomach fullness.   

       Those with thyroid problems will not be helped by this.   

       Nice conjecture though. (+)   

       An alternative method would be:   

       (a) Weigh a plateful of food
(b) Eat until full
(c) Weigh plate again
(d) Subtract (c) from (a)
(e) Multiply by 0.75
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 14 2017

       I like the idea of a belt buckle that can sense the tension being applied to it, and calculate how full you are based off that info.
mace, Oct 14 2017


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