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Ultimate Bath Wars

For the discerning soaker
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Many of you may have noticed what an excellent effect spa bath jet bubbles have on the adverse weather conditions produced in your bathtub, while playing with your boats. This morning, while observing the same, I decided to take this a step further.

First, an island fort is placed over your knees complete with armed soldiers. You are equipped with a series of remote controlled warships, the controls of which are on a panel on the wall beside you. Begin.

The sea conditions are controlled at random, via the jet bubbles, and an attachment to the cold water tap (faucet) disperses an occasional rain shower over the entire area to thwart your efforts.

When a ship is cannonballed, it reacts by sending up a puff of smoke, and as it sinks, a burst of hot water springs from the nearest available jet bubble outlet. Any men hit on the fort who fall into the water release a pleasantly scented red cleanser.

And for a two seater spa bath, your partner and you use separate panels controlling two different teams of ships.

Cannon balls? Miniature bath bombs. All exit the bath sweetly scented.

Helium, Oct 19 2003


       my duck is aimed at you...splash!
po, Oct 19 2003

       "And G.I. Joe went under water,
to see from whence the bubbles came."

       Watch out for the submarines.
phoenix, Oct 19 2003

       How do you simulate depth charges?   

       Can we have a sound effects machine, with klaxons? "DIVE! DIVE! GENERAL QUARTERS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!"
RayfordSteele, Oct 20 2003

       care to elaborate on that, skipper? second thoughts - don't bother.
po, Oct 20 2003


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