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Skip everywhere

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I’ve decided to give up walking, and to skip everywhere I go. Now I never pass anyone who is not smiling.

(For women. Unfortunately, society frowns on skipping men.)
pluterday, Feb 09 2003


       Got braids?
lurch, Feb 09 2003

       /society frowns on skipping men/   

       It's very liberating, though!
egbert, Feb 09 2003

       Society doesn't mind a foolishly grinning skipping man if he's holding hands with a foolishly grinning skipping pretty girl. And if they do, heck with 'em - let 'em jog 'till they need their knees replaced.
lurch, Feb 09 2003

       [thimble] Oops, and I thought I was still one step ahead of insanity...
pluterday, Feb 09 2003

       this is hardly an original idea, shirley?
po, Feb 09 2003

       OK, then, how about combining this with Bliss's "Swinging Moods" idea to create an "Inner Child" playpark for adults. Swings and roundabouts with no gaining or losing, slides where you don't get stuck halfway down, skipping paths, hopscotch, and a booth selling giant ice creams. No inner curmudgeons allowed, tra-la-laa-ing expected. And no hanky panky either, this is therapy for those who've come out from under the duvet but can't stand basket weaving.
egbert, Feb 09 2003

       //Got braids// Got Brains???
krigre55, Dec 01 2007


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