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mood o meter (anti-anger device)

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It is a microphone hooked to a microprocessor that analyize the surrounding vocal conversation of users around the room...

Using the detected voice, it will light up an RGB bulb at a brightness corresponding the mood level of the room.

If it detects the stress level of a talker to increase at a sustain rate above a specified limit, the device will light up bright red, and sound a voice alerting a person to take the "chill pill"

mofosyne, Jul 15 2013

DV charges http://matthewhandl...lence-drop-charges/
[Kansan101, Jul 15 2013]

(?) Acessibility Hackathon 2 http://wikimediadc....sibility_hackathon2
emotion recognition ideas in an accessibility context [JesusHChrist, Jul 15 2013]


       Good idea. +   

       A couple of years ago a friend of mine went to jail for a weekend because he threw his cell phone at his crazed and angry wife when she demanded to see it after wrongly accusing him of talking to another woman. He lost his job because of the time off, since they would not even let him call the employer, and the family of 5 was hungry and almost homeless by the time he found a new job. The prosecutor ended up dropping the charges eventually, prior to trial. I hate every part of the criminal justice system. Legislators, judges, cops, prosecutors, jailers.   

       The couple is still happily together. The main lesson learned was not to call the cops when they have an argument.   

       Anyway, he told me that they had a similar system that worked just for noise level in the cell block. If they generally talked above a whisper, a stoplight would glow red and everyone would be confined to cells.   

       Last week i noticed one at the daycare for my daughter.
Kansan101, Jul 15 2013

       Uh, isn't it up to the assailee to decide whether to press charges or not?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 15 2013

       Not in all cases, Max. It depends who gets to the phone first afterwards.
DrBob, Jul 15 2013

       //according to new proceedure, you will have the opportunity to press charges in 3 days time//   

       I don't think that's a good idea. If there's a cooling off period, it should apply to everyone, relationship or not. How many pub fights have ended in charges being pressed that would, in the cold light of sobriety, have been dropped?   

       And three days is too long. Beyond the immediate aftermath, a cooling off period is just a chance for the assailant to intimidate, threaten or bribe the assailee into dropping the charges. I would give it 24 hours from the point where the police were called, with the requirement that the assailee can only meet the assailant in a supervised area during that period.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 15 2013

       In this part of the world, the victim in a domestic dispute is not allowed to drop charges.
Kansan101, Jul 15 2013

       See link for related emotion recognition ideas
JesusHChrist, Jul 15 2013

       Wow [Kansan101], I'll be sure not to break any of my wife's dishes while visiting Colorado (refering to 1st link). I have certainly heard enough stories of why such a law is desired, and I'll bet that law has done good in some cases, but it's crazy how much "zero tolerance" == "zero thought" laws and regulations are getting implemented. Why can't people in authority actually be given the authority to make intelligent decisions. Oh yeah, because if they make one wrong decision after 100 correct decisions (or make the right decision but aren't able to get enough pysical evidense to make the conviction), they get sued and raked over the coals. And when there's a corrupt cop, we can't get rid of them because the police chief will get raked over the coals if he starts cleaning out a corrupt department.
scad mientist, Jul 16 2013


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