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"No Worry" Feeling Boards

Boards kept in homes or central public places where people maintain lists of who is on their good side or bad side
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Instead of all the games and guesswork that go into maintaining a quality relationship with friends, there should be public boards where people display how they feel about me. Why wonder if a friend is mad at you because she didn't wave "hey" to you yesterday? Just check her "No Worry" Feeling Board and see if she has your name stored in the "good" list or the "bad" list.

I imagine these boards would work with velcro or something. Just make a name tag with the names or everyone you know and affix a velcro strip to the back. Then place it on a velcro board on either the half labeled "good" or the one labeled "bad." Everyone could have their own board outside their front doors or something. It would make judging friends' feelings about you much easier. If someone said something that pissed you off, it would also be really dramatic to stop the conversation, walk to the front door in a huff, remove the person's name from the "good" list, and move it over. No one will have to vocally tell someone that their mad at them again.

This could also work electronically, with screens rather than boards. This way some could be kept all over the place. You would switch someone's name with just a push of a button on a handheld device. Maybe it could be available on the phone too. Just dail a number and a recording will tell you if a certain friend is mad at you or not.

Taken to its extreme, these boards could have lists for all sorts of emotions, love (sexual), love (but-not-that-way), hate, ambivalence, etc. Just keep moving people around depending on how you feel about them.

smizzou, Jun 28 2001


       Oh, man, smizzou, do you really want everyone in your neighborhood or town to know how much Lisa Thudbucket and Bob Ranklebone hate your guts?
Dog Ed, Jun 28 2001

       It works both ways. I can diss Lisa and Bob on my board as well, if that's the game they want to play.
smizzou, Jun 28 2001

       Sounds like a great way for people to totally avoid confrontation and interpersonal realtionships. That's always healthy.
megalodon, Jun 28 2001

       Perhaps. It looks to me like a way for people to "lay all the cards on the table". Then human confrontation becomes less of a poker game, humans become less poker-faced, and life itself becomes less of a constant struggle for the information advantage. That's always a healthy thing for me, but obviously it's a step down for people who are better than average at being in the loop. Viva glasnost.
LoriZ, Sep 08 2001


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