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Skull & Bones Ownership Society

Be A Part Of Something
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From the Bushes to John Kerry, from Leonardo Da Vinci to the Ninja Turtles, from the Ben Franklin to Ralph Kramden, we've learned that membership in a secret society can play in important factor in life.

Sure we can't all go to Yale. But in this day of being able to buy a star, a PhD or even a Scottish title online, we sure can all be members of a secret society.

For a nominal fee, this website will spread your name into various mysterious postings mean to ensure that when you get googled, you're not just coming up snake eyes but rather Skull & Bones.

theircompetitor, Apr 01 2005


       Shite. [-]
contracts, Apr 01 2005

       //We'll be new faces//   

       What does that mean? Do the mouseketeers go in for plastic surgery?   

       All sounds very suspicious and cult-like to me.   

       AS for the actual idea: it's not so bad. Basically, it's a subscription service to promote yourself on search engines. There could be many reasons for doing that - for example, event promoters might... actually, no, this is pointless, because it doesn't connect your name with any particular subject. It's a vanity exercise.   

       A subscription service based entirely on pandering to your vanity. Can't be a novel business model. [+], but I find it a bit depressing.
moomintroll, Apr 01 2005

       I own a skull (two if you count my dog), and several hundred bones.
wagster, Apr 01 2005

       There are leather-bound, psuedo-impressive volumes of "who's who" you can get your name and credentials published in for a fee. These are usually marketed by professional or educational category.
normzone, Apr 01 2005


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