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Speed Decoy II

A company that will keep you from getting a speeding ticket
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Need to get there fast? Is your helicopter on the fritz or do you just feel like flaunting your wealth and the law? Need to keep speeding tickets off your record? Voice LLC is here for you!

Give us a call and we'll send not one, not two, but TEN professional drivers and cars to your location. Drive to your destination at whatever speed you like and we'll keep up. It's VERY unlikely, statistically, that you'll be the one in the group of cars to get pulled over for speeding.

Voice, Jul 27 2013

A movie http://www.imdb.com...29/?ref_=fn_al_tt_3
[DIYMatt, Jul 27 2013]


       Couldn't you pay just one driver to block for you? I saw it in a movie once.
DIYMatt, Jul 27 2013

       Erm, how about a drone that flies in front of the car, then you can argue it measured the speed of the drone and not your mobility cart?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 29 2013

       Ahem, works in a different way. Yours finds the radar trap, then alerts the vehicle, mine works by providing two radar targets hence wiggle room in court.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 30 2013

       Same as [21] - I was travelling on a somewhat rural road going downhill and about 10 cars were ahead of me going well over the speed limit. When we got to the bottom, (in a church parking lot mind you) the cops were flagging over everyone!! I said I was just going with the flow of traffic. I still went to traffic court and the cop didn't show up, making it an automatic win for me. I still had to take a day off from work.
xandram, Jul 30 2013


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