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Soda delivery man

Think of the old fashioned "milkman"... for the 21st century
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I'm so new here, I really have enjoyed reading through this site. I'm amazed at the creativity and genius and er.. yes, insanity of some of the things here at the halfbakery. I love it.

Submitted for your approval, distain, or apathetic shrug:

Every week I go to the grocery store and every week I have to lug back ten to twelve 2 and 3 litre bottles of soda. (yes, i have soda-addicts in this house)... I thought, wouldnt it be great if we had an old fashioned milk-man home delivery service for sodas? I'm sure other families would love to have this item checked off their weekly shopping list, as its bulky heavy and a pain in the you know what to lug in and out of the house.

So, the soda man would have a delivery truck, much like the ones that deliver to commercial stores (and yes, i've called the distribution sites for different soda companies and they ONLY delivery to businesses). So this independent contractor of a sorts would have his own soda truck, and going through a neighborhood would drop off a weekly number of sodas. Just like the old milkman did!

hehe, Po, ok, so I'm only 40, I dont personally remember the milkman, but i yes, i was thinking simularly to the water guys.. Culligan? and thanks!

Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006

Seltzer Sisters http://www.seltzersisters.com/
Delivering within the San Francisco Bay Area since 1983. [jutta, Nov 17 2006]

Peapod http://www.peapod.com/
Easter US metropolitan areas. [jutta, Nov 17 2006]

Safeway http://shop.safeway.com/superstore/
Arizona, California, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia, Washington and Washington D.C. [jutta, Nov 17 2006]

Express Dairies (UK) http://www.expressdairies.co.uk/
These folk will deliver milk and soft drinks to your door [jonthegeologist, Nov 17 2006]

DrSoda http://store.drsoda.com/
Trucks within Los Angeles, since 1984; also ships to outside of LA area [jutta, Nov 17 2006]

Grocery Gateway http://www.grocerygateway.com/
Delivery to various locations in Canada... [kdmurray, Nov 18 2006]

Soda Club http://www.sodaclubusa.com/Default.htm
Or, you could just tote home the CO2 and flavorings and make gallons of the swill for your discriminating fizzy-sugar-water chuggers. [gregor-e, Nov 19 2006]

Anywhere, anytime... SDI_3a_20Sodapop_20Defense_20Initiative
[normzone, Dec 04 2006]


       sainsbury's only deliver so many gallon of water for the health and safety of their delivery chaps (hernias are not us apparently) but I seem to remember the milkman bringing fizzy drinks at one time. they should bring beer when you think of it...   

       welcome aly!
po, Nov 17 2006

       people generally answer in annotations rather than editing the idea. but hey, I will ask my milkman.
po, Nov 17 2006

       Broadband... video games... pizza delivery... soda delivery... flushing toilets... I WILL NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE AGAIN!
MoreCowbell, Nov 17 2006

       Re: Seltzer Sisters: yes, but with carbonated drinks (Coca-cola, Pepsi-cola, etc. etc. etc.)
Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006

       Seltzer Sisters is the cool, fun, old-fashioned alternative that has actually put some thought into the systemic aspects of this, similar to what I think attracted you to this idea to begin with. If you just want sodas delivered, any run-of-the mill grocery delivery service will be able to do that.
jutta, Nov 17 2006

       haha MoreCowbell, yea, just get that handy dandy colostomy bag and you can have a Nursing service do drive by poopy removal, and you'll be all set...
Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006

       Re: Peapod... hmmmm.. interesting... i was thinking though of just SPECIALIZING in beverages... but thanks for this link...
Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006

       Aly, you can tell me - is it fizzy drinks you want?   

       I thought the peapod man was interesting...
po, Nov 17 2006

       so, do i delete this idea now? i was thinking along the lines of what seltzer sisters do, only with commercial brands of carbonated sodas. So i guess this idea is semi, sorta nearly baked....
Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006

       yes, yes Po! ;-D Coca-cola, Mountain Dew, Cheerwine, Orange Crush, Dr. Pepper,... like those..
Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006

       hey, I wouldn't worry till you see the dreaded mfd! :)   

       & waffle on about angles and theories and genetically somethinged or other. just keep quiet and we'll have a beer together and talk about the blokes that aren't attached or something.
po, Nov 17 2006

       [Alysonwonderland] Welcome. Sorry. Baked here in the UK. I shan't mark this idea for deletion since it's rather debatable that its prior art status is 'widely known'.
jonthegeologist, Nov 17 2006

       and shan't is hardly a word for a moderator   

       excuse me - don't interrupt..(how rude)   

       blow your whistle or something...
po, Nov 17 2006

       shalln't? shall not? ooo... *blows whistle*
jonthegeologist, Nov 17 2006

       thanks everyone! I'll have one of those beers Po!
Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006

       Aly honey - sometimes we just know when someone *gets* us welcome and enjoy!   

       night night Jon, its late...
po, Nov 17 2006

       Nothing wrong with shan't - it just looks wrong. Technically it should be sha'n't but that just borders on the ridiculous. As I mentioned in a recent post (re: fewer), I'm all for pedantry, but sometimes you end up using ugly words just to defend the cause. Much better to use a different word; in this case "won't".
jtp, Nov 17 2006

       Though already baked in some parts of the world, not a bad idea.   

       I sha'n't try to top po & co on the other discussion thread; that'd just be silly. :P
kdmurray, Nov 18 2006

       It is *shan't* according to both Webster's and American Heritage dictionaries. [JTG] had it right from the start, as is the usual case.
jurist, Nov 18 2006

       you have to admit though that it *looks* ugly.
po, Nov 18 2006

       Baked ! Where I live the "lemonade man" comes around all the housing estates in a lorry delivering bottles of what the Americans call soda to peoples' doors.
xenzag, Nov 18 2006

       What xenzag says, only it was the "pop man", rather than the lemonade man.
calum, Nov 18 2006

       When I lived in Mexico, we had a soda delivery person, 12 bottles each of 3 flavors. When you put the bottles out on the stoop, the soda man would come and leave a full compliment at your door.
javajean, Nov 19 2006

       We are also the only place in the world to have "brown lemonade" which was a particular favourite of mine as a child.
xenzag, Nov 19 2006

       bone. explaination: Soft drinks = too much sugar.   

       I would then bun an idea that supports a tax on all soft drinks according to the amount of sugar in excess of a standard proportion to liquid.   

       More buns for more taxes on damaging chemicals found in foods used as preservatives and for whatever else reason.   

       Even more buns for taxing the selling of soft drinks to under-age users (under 12? or so?). And extra extra buns for totally banning sugar-loaded soft drinks in schools, and also a tax on vending machines selling to sugar users.   

       Bones to solutions that remove the need for a person to even step out of his property to get his sugar fix.
twitch, Nov 19 2006

       Who said anything about sugar, [twitch]? By itself, soda or seltzer is sugar-free, and there are plenty of other sugar-free carbonated beverages readily available, too. One need not have a sugar jones to appreciate this service.
jurist, Nov 19 2006

       //its bulky heavy and a pain in the you know what to lug in and out of the house//   

       why would you lug it out of the house? This truely baffles me. Even if there was a Soda-man, would he also be responsible for the unnecessary lugging-out of unconsumed soda. Is he your personal soda carrier? If you had a picnic on the beach, would he carry the soda there for you while you deal with the hamper?   

       Sorry, I know you're new, just giving you a hard time.   

       but really. why?
shinobi, Nov 19 2006

       [twitch] did santa claus never bring you anything good when you were growing up? why the hostility? if you dont like the product or service, you wouldnt have to subscribe. buns for free enterprise!!! bones for world crusaders who think they can run other people's lives for them. :P
Alysonwonderland, Nov 19 2006

       [shinobi] hahahah i was thinking of lugging <INTO> the house, but lugging <OUT OF> the store.. my bad.   

       I can take as well as I give ;-D
Alysonwonderland, Nov 19 2006

       //buns for free enterprise!!! bones for world crusaders who think they can run other people's lives for them. :P//   

       True: Buns for free enterprise!!!   

       sp: ruin   

       you mean, bones for people who think they can ruin other people's lives for us.   

       yeah maybe you can get soda water without the sugar, but should I have to mention the health hazards of carbinated water as well?   

       Correct for anybody that guessed that I didn't grow up with soda.   

       Can we poll here: who here drinks non- sugar soda?   

       Does this mean [Alysonwonderland] believes that the people who work to regulate cigarettes are bad world crusaders?   

       Lung cancer versus obesity-related health problems: which kills more? which costs more?
twitch, Nov 19 2006

       [twitch], no i mean RUN, as in: control. I dont know any cases where second hand belches have damaged anyone else, although my you may think so after being in the room when my husband lets one go. personal responsiblity, personal freedom. use both wisely, i say. and yes, i drink diet sodas (sugarless fizzy drinks)
Alysonwonderland, Nov 19 2006

       i know what you meant [Alysonwonderland], i was just being sarcastic. I have myself some of the fizzy stuff once in a while but when I have to clear trees it just slows me down.   

       Did they first restrict cigarettes because of first-hand smoke issues or second-hand issues? Anybody know?
twitch, Nov 19 2006

       Just hire a pool boy and send him to the store to buy soda.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 20 2006

       [+] for the loveliest new screen name to grace this site in a while
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 03 2006

       Even though I use the Peapod supermarket delivery service or I will make a special trip out to the mega membership warehouse to buy beverages only I would still get a contract with the soda man. Figuring that I consume a certain amount of soda every week, I would love to come home from work and be pleasantly surprised with a 2-liter bottle of coke on my doorstep.
Jscotty, Dec 04 2006


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