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Slither Perspective

slither.io from the perspective of the worm
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This is an alternative view for slither where you can see the field from the perspective of the worm. Maybe the horizon bends up so you can see the view partially from above so you know whats coming. Or just in virtual reality so it would be like being in a group of fish. There should also be a virtual reality, first person perspective version of that video game where you are a fish and you eat other fish and grow bigger.
JesusHChrist, Feb 13 2017


       The problem is you would only ever see other worms on the horizon, with no perspective on how they're turning around you.
Voice, Feb 13 2017

       I was thinking the bottom half of the screen would be just the worms, first person perspective and then above the worms, on the top half of the screen would be a bent perspective so that the first unit of space on the board would take up a very short unit of space on the screen and then increasing so that you could see the horizon bent up so that the worm activity that was going on far away from you would start at the top of the screen and get lower as it got closer to you, like playing on a curved field.
JesusHChrist, Feb 13 2017


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