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Slurred Speech Detector

Detect multiple types of "influences"
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As someone with an accent, I occasionally struggle with the primitive voice recognition systems that are in cars. But it seems like this technology could provide a safety improvement and test for all kinds of incapacitation.
theircompetitor, Sep 02 2004

iPhone app bakes this http://online.wsj.c...oday's_Most_Popular
(not using speech) [theircompetitor, Dec 31 2009]

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       I take dangerous and powerful drugs for the pain of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. They cause my speech to slur. When I make presentations (I'm an aerospace engineer) I now must open by assuring my audience that I am not drunk (tho some might dispute).   

       Take your detector and put it where the sun don't shine, cause it sho-nuff would give a false positive on ME.
boris, Sep 03 2004

       Do you mean it would shut the car down if the driver/owner was determined drunk?
dentworth, Sep 03 2004

       boris//dentworth -- I'm talking about a device that would be installed for those convicted of DUI, not in every car.
theircompetitor, Sep 04 2004

       I think you ought to say that in the beginning.   

       btw, from what part of the world is your accent?
dentworth, Sep 04 2004

       Honey, the car won't thtart and I'm thtuck here at the dentitht'th offith! Come get me!
RayfordSteele, Sep 04 2004


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