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Because you forget...
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To begin, this idea is meant to be called 'Dental Reminder', but my PC hates me, so that idea is just a blank page. If a moderator reads this could you please delete that idea?

I go to see my dentist every six months, and she inevitably gives me some advice about how I should brush my teeth. Apparently, I should concentrate on the base of the teeth, as I usually get a build-up of bad stuff there.

However, I always forget this advice. I pay attention for a day or two and then go back to brushing how I always do.

What I need is a daily reminder of the areas I need to concentate on. I need a small device fitted into the handle of my toothbrush (activated by the pressure of my hand grasping the handle) that plays a short message recorded by my dentist during the check-up. A solid-state player would easily suffice (as used in those crappy pens with recording devices attached).

Reminded every morning about the danger zones of my teeth, I would probably pay more attention.

Alternatively, if you would prefer not to be nagged by your dentist every morning you could simply record your own motivational message for the toothbrush.


'Keep smiling'

sambwiches, Apr 20 2003

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       Umm. Perhaps this could be incorparated into a nagging mirror above the wash bowl telling you the bits of info from all your health care team. You need to watch what your eating as your blood sugar levels are a bit high. Take more exercise as your last physio tests were worst than the one before. Brush more on the lower jaw.
sufc, Apr 20 2003

       Pestering Paste - "Don't squeeze the middle! That's enough, you only need a little bit! Hey, put the cap back on!"
Don Quixote, Apr 21 2003

       [sambwiches]: You can delete Dental Reminder yourself. Anyone can delete any of their own ideas whenever they feel like doing so.   

       [sufc]: Just what I need - a nagging machine. "Out the window you go, nagging machine. What a crappy present. Still, it was nice that Mom was thinking of me."
snarfyguy, Apr 21 2003

       I can't delete Dental Reminder. My PC hates me. Every so often it decides it doesn't want to let me access a random page, and I get an Intenal Server Error message whenever I try.
sambwiches, Apr 21 2003

       I wrote re: emailing bakesperson but it has been deleted. does your pc hate me too?
po, Apr 21 2003

       Lesson no. 1 - every PC hates everyone. i read your anno and then saw it was deleted when I clicked annotate. Yeah, could you m-f-d the idea please?
sambwiches, Apr 21 2003

       I have. :)   

       glad you do not hate me and raspberry to your hard drive.
po, Apr 21 2003


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