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Zombie Vampire

just because
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There seem to be lots of tales involving vampires, and lots of tales involving zombies, but I don't ever recall encountering one in which the vampire was also a zombie (or vice-versa).

I suppose he'd use his fangs to suck brains instead of blood...

Vernon, Jun 23 2009

Mutant Vampire Zombies from the 'Hood! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0970520/
Gangsta style (apparently) [swimswim, Jun 23 2009]

http://ww2.zombieinitiative.org/node/3206 Zombires! [jutta, Jun 23 2009]

yahoo answers: vampire bites zombie & vice versa http://answers.yaho...080831100345AAYzusl
[jutta, Jun 23 2009, last modified Jun 24 2009]

Bad Taste http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Taste
Excellent! totally over the top, low budget, "B" movie alien trash horror. [xenzag, Jun 24 2009]

We have to hit them hard and fast! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8206280.stm
Should it ever really happen. [MikeD, Mar 03 2010]


       // vampire was also a zombie //   

       They'd be too vulnerable, having the weaknesses of both sorts of Undead. Can't stand daylight, crucifixes, garlic, can't reason - simple basic motivation, clumsy, uncoordinated.   

       Maybe useful for training Undead-hunters but not much else.
8th of 7, Jun 23 2009

       The concept warrants a short story. Perhaps a reasonably fresh zombie is bitten by a vampire, desperate with hunger after the zombie apocalypse rendered (so to speak) vampire food in short supply. Bitten, the zombie turns into a zombie vampire. Having eaten of zombie, the vampire becomes a vampire zombie. Alike but opposite, the two become mortal enemies - and fall passionately in love.   

       Yes, yes, definite Hollywood material.
bungston, Jun 23 2009

       /In the movie "I Am Legend" /   

       I suspect the problem is that the zombie vampires were not sexy enough. Hot, hot, hot! That is the recipe for supernatural fare these days.   

       The zombie vampire script essentially writes itself, or so I have discovered over the past 24 hours as my mind has occupied itself with the concept. I envision a direct-to-TV scifi channel type thing. Other liberally borrowed elements include underground vault of secret weapons, flesh eating fungal spores, ancient vampire ninja skills, semibionic government babes, the hero with the invulnerable zombie arm that someday will turn him into a zombie, dynamite-tipped bangsticks, scheming aliens, and the Thing from Vat 4. Yes, that covers it.
bungston, Jun 24 2009

       The modern concept of a zombie-bite infecting the bitten is a direct crossover from the similar vampire notion (not sure if the vampire notion is also modern, or if they always did that) - so in that respect, I'd suggest that it's already happened - just minus the bat element.   

       Originally, zombies just shuffled about at their master's bidding - no biting, no brain munching, just obedient, a bit like a golem.   

       Wasn't there a story about someone who got all voodooed to the extent that they thought they were a zombie?
zen_tom, Jun 24 2009

       I recommend Bad Taste - see link. This movie has everything you could want for and more. Brain eating alien zombies!   

       In fact, I only saw it once years ago, and actually laughed so much that I rolled around on the floor.
xenzag, Jun 24 2009

       In Dracula, the vampire can periodically feed on a person for a while, and the person just gets anemic. Eventually when the person dies she turns into a vampire. This makes more sense ecologically, because if every vampire bite turned the bitten into a vampire, there would soon be considerable intravampire competition for food. The ecologically sustainable vampire would spread feeding sessions among many individuals, allowing each one adequate time to recover.
bungston, Jun 24 2009

       According to Pratchett and Anne Rice (and others but I don't have the books to hand) the vampire can choose to cause a vampiric change or not. Meaning that it if wishes company you would be changed, if not then you would be food.   

       The traditional role of the Zombie as a reanimated corpse (fully functional) or a brainless reanimated corpse seems to have been usurped by George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead"   

       Nevertheless, the problem is of the nature of the undead:
If I am a reanimated corpse (from some sorcery or Voodoo) then I cannot by definition be a vampire as I have not received The Change.
If I were to have received The Change then I would be in no need of reanimation (possibly only reconstitution).
The only question I cannot answer is if some sorcery or Voodoo were to attempt to subvert a passive vampire. I suspect that the answer lies in [Jutta's] link which suggests 'Honour amongst Corpses' or else the undead equivalent of 2 cats ignoring each other just to keep the peace.
Either Way, that Kate Beckinsale has a lot to answer for.
gnomethang, Jun 24 2009

       She can come round to our Cube and answer our questions any time ....
8th of 7, Jun 24 2009

       Baked in Sims 2.
jaksplat, Jun 25 2009

       Vampire gets infected with the T virus? Or somebody already infected with the T-virus becomes a vampire before they turn into a zombie? I doubt they'd become anything other than a carrier for the T virus, if anything, though   

       additionally: Vampire Robot Nazi Zombies
xxobot, Mar 02 2010

       In the Hammer Horror movies, Dracula often had a group of vampire slaves. People that he had bitten and who had become vampires but who were totally in thrall to his will. So, technically, you could argue that these were vampire zombies.
DrBob, Mar 02 2010

       zombies COULD be vampires already! Just look at how they act. Brains are full of blood!
AutoMcDonough, Mar 03 2010

       This thing had to resurface. It drains my brainpower like a malfunctioning applet drains the CPU.   

       Vampire adventure set in the zombie apocalypse: I envision a moonlit shot from the top of the mall, the surviving humans overlooking the milling sea of zombies. The zombie sea starts to part from the rear as something cuts a swath through them. It is a starving vampire making her way to one of the few remaining food sources available. Time to ignite the zombies with Bacardi 151 molotov cocktails! Ordinary zombies are no match for a vampire, but rum soaked flaming zombies (RSFZ) would slow her down long enough to deploy the thing from Vat #4.
bungston, Mar 03 2010


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