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Smarty Pants2

Fly open alert, magnetic & washable
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This idea places a small bell with a ferrous clapper at the top of a zipper; adjacent is a small rare-earth magnet. When the zipper is up and closed, the bell is silenced. When the zipper is down, the bell is free to ring when activated by the user's motion. This should be a very resilient device able to withstand washing and dry cleaning.
molecat, Jan 08 2007


       [+] Make sure the magnet doesn't lose its properties in a hot wash.
david_scothern, Jan 08 2007

       [+], provided the potential for embarrasment ('I'm sorry, sir! My pants appear to be magnetically attracted to your own!') can be engineered out.
Ninjacrat, Jan 11 2007

       "Product warning: Do not wear trousers in the vicinity of MRI scanners or severe groinal injury may occur"
hippo, Jan 11 2007

       Also a convenient place to hold your grocery list.

But wouldn't the clothing attenuate the bell?
Gamma48, Jun 11 2009


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