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Trouser Wig

decorative wig for trousers
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Trouser Wig attaches to the front of your pants in a similar manner to that of a sporran, except it is totally made out of hair that can be styled in a number of ways.

The daring may chose the fully integrated "commando style" with the standard zipper access being totally replaced with that of the wig, with its luxurious curls and ringlets, or choose the more restrained version, where the zip is retained.

Note (edit) - this idea has absolutely no practical use or function; solves no problems; has no reason to exist, and neither is it intended to be of a particular humorous merit. Also may slightly irritate some folk. (but I still like it)

xenzag, Feb 22 2008

Trouser Wig http://web.mac.com/.../Trouser%20Wig.html
Pre-Raphaelite Hair example [xenzag, Feb 22 2008]

Hm, yes, let's bring back the merkin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merkin
Or not. [DrCurry, Feb 22 2008]


       No, I know what you're thinking, but it's not the autoboner, it's me. Boned because this isn't particularly funny, has no reason to exist, solves no problems and slightly irritates me.
theleopard, Feb 22 2008

       A handlebar moustache would be cool, you could twirl the ends.
skinflaps, Feb 22 2008

       //A handlebar moustache// - that would be the "bearded wonder" variation.
xenzag, Feb 22 2008

       //What does "has a reason to exist" mean, in the context of the halfbakery?// xenzag Feb 22 2008   

       There's no reason for me to contemplate its existence. I'd like to think that every idea on the bakery, if not funny, warrants at least a moment of my consideration. An ephemeral thought that simply whispers, "yes, that would be quite cool."   

       Sorry for being a bit harsh, but you are capable of much greater.
theleopard, Feb 22 2008

       So, you're saying that it's about as useful as permed pubes?
Ling, Feb 22 2008

       you know when you use a public loo and there's no paper towels...
po, Feb 22 2008

       A trouser wig, or a hairy codpiece?
ldischler, Feb 22 2008

       A sort of over-merkin?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 22 2008

       Beware the dreaded comb-over!
Canuck, Feb 22 2008

       This chastity belt has dread locks.   

       I have taken to pulling my trousers on over the trouser wig, and allowing a few stray tufts to escape here and there.
bungston, May 22 2009

       There are a few perverts out there, sporting a more "naturalistic" approach to pubic hair, that may imitate this.   

MikeD, May 23 2009


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