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Spice gun

The spice must flow
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imagine a standard issue revolver pistol.

Inside each chamber is a different spice. Lemon pepper, salt, sea salt, black pepper. etc

Simply chamber the correct spice. Aim gun at food, pull trigger to activate pepper mill.

A-salt with a tasty weapon

an alternate version could be loaded with ketchup packages, salt packages and other single serve condiments. a charge of CO2 would send the condiment goodness onto your plate in one blast. Snub nosed revolver would work better via the lack of barrel to dirty.

metarinka, Aug 27 2010

You could use this for propellent Mesquite_20Gunpowder
[normzone, Aug 27 2010]


       First off, [+] for the good idea and the Dune reference. Also, I believe that loading shotguns with salt has been done. Probably wouldn't be too tasty though.   

       I also thought this was "Spice Gum". ThAt would be a good idea too.
DrWorm, Aug 27 2010

       [+] (and norm's <link> is the redundancy I thought was there but couldn't find)
FlyingToaster, Aug 27 2010

       [+] for all the usual reasons (including the ability to fire a cloud of pepper at cats).
8th of 7, Aug 27 2010

       I love the idea of blasting the spices deep into the food matter. Peppering a steak or basiling a piece of chicken. It's brilliant. Is it possible? I could really see selling this to gormandies.
WcW, Aug 27 2010

       Shoots first and asks for the vinegar later. +   

       Think I would have called this idea Asalt Gun.
xenzag, Aug 27 2010

       Ah. Not a movie about a massive cannon designed to launch people into orbit from the East End of London, and featuring Dick van Dyke, then?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 27 2010

       No one from the colonies will get that, except maybe some of those kangaroo munchers.
xenzag, Aug 28 2010

       we shall spice on the beaches,
we shall spice on the picnic grounds,
we shall spice all our meals and all our eats,
we shall spice on the grills;
we shall never coriander.

       People will buy the salt cartridges for a completely different reason, you know.
Alx_xlA, Aug 28 2010

       I thought Emeril was the only one that went BAM! with the spices...
Cedar Park, Aug 28 2010


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