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Smelly asphalt

Mark roads with cat scent
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Cats have exceptionally well-defined territories, which they mark regularly and which seldom overlap. Most cats will avoid crossing an area or territory marked by some other unknown cat.

The idea is to mix some cat scent into asphalt, so most cats will avoid crossing roadways, considering them some other cat's territory. This will save the lives of many cats and prevent car accidents.

4and20, Mar 24 2019


       As a way of containing the vile creatures, it's good - but if it does // save the lives of many cats // then it's Very Bad. [-]
8th of 7, Mar 24 2019

       I thought the psychopath vote had been monopolized by Trump campaigners.
4and20, Mar 24 2019

       He's one of them. Did you not know?
xenzag, Mar 24 2019

       Can't we be both ? Being just one of them would be so lonely and, quite frankly, weird.
8th of 7, Mar 24 2019

       Unrelated to the reduction in probability of a cat getting hit by a car, I feel like this will reduce the probability of a lost cat finding its way home more than it will reduce the probability of a cat getting lost in the first place.
notexactly, Mar 28 2019


       If you ever find yourself having to spend the night alone in the bush, try to hold your bladder for as long as you can so that you can mark your territory in as wide a circle as you can before thinking of sleeping.   

       Trust me. It works. Most critters aren't old enough to have smelled man, and they want no part of us.   

       Go figure...   

       Perhaps the cat can be mixed in with the asphalt; in this manner the animal would never be hit by a car and one would always know where it was.
whatrock, Mar 29 2019

       That is a truly inspired idea; we shall commence prototyping as soon as we can obtain some more cats. The supply in our immediate vicinity is notably meagre if late - perhaps we need to set a bag limit.   

       Or then again, perhaps not.
8th of 7, Mar 29 2019

       // Perhaps the cat can be mixed in with the asphalt; in this manner the animal would never be hit by a car // Yes, but it would constantly be run over, day after day, etc., etc.   

       However, this does yield a new punchline: Q. Why did the cat cross the road? A. It didn't. It *IS* the road!
Canuck, Mar 29 2019

       And French people say Saxons have no sense of humour...
4and20, Mar 31 2019


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