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Realise the myth
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GM cat: tusk of a narwhal, wings of an eagle. Good at catching mice if nothing else.
sild, Jul 04 2002

Naked Chickens http://news.bbc.co....2000000/2000003.stm
who knows what'll happen next. [Matty, Jul 04 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I would vote for this, but solely on the condition that it becomes legal to hunt them (during the open season) for Cat Ivory. Or cull them by similar methods if they were to become a pest. e.g. by existing. Shooting them "on the wing" using a 12-guage would be my preferred method.   

       If they take to perching on my antenna arrays in the eraly mornings, miaowing, I reserve the right to connect the aerials to a high power microwave source, thus frying them where they sit.
8th of 7, Jul 04 2002

       // Realise the myth //   

       Umm, I must have missed this one in my dictionary of mythology. Please explain.
pottedstu, Jul 04 2002

       The unicorn myth. Okay, so it's a cat not a horse. You got a problem with that?
sild, Jul 04 2002

       I think a cat would make a far more interesting unicorn than a horse or a goat. More personality in my opinion. But I wouldn't feel right hunting them, as {8th of 7] suggests. Maybe their tusks could be GMed to fall off like antlers after a while?   

       Oh, and I'm not a virgin - could I still approach one?
Matty, Jul 04 2002

       Maybe it's time to vote on a GM ban again....
phoenix, Jul 04 2002

       How do you propose we realise the myth?
mighty_cheese, Jul 04 2002

       [phoenix] But look at the Naked Chickens - not only are they a GM product, they're new and have a real reason for having been "created". I'm not opposed to voting on GM, especially if we only see WIBNI examples here. But there are probably a lot of good ideas that will become more possible as a result of Naked Chickens.
Matty, Jul 04 2002

       Could we create flying uni-horned dogs and have them fight the cats? Aerial jousting?   

       Or lions...
pottedstu, Jul 04 2002

       how about a cat mixed with the body of a moose, interesting... I like it the possibilities. Never ending, but odd
magic_ki, Feb 04 2004

       Release or realize?
DesertFox, May 10 2004

       all these flying uni-horned dogs and cat will just get in the way at quiddich games.
sourmash, May 11 2004

       Mermaids sound more fun.
Aerythes, May 12 2004


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