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Smoke Alarm Clock

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The smoke alarm clock has an irritating buzzer like a regular alarm clock, but just before it goes off, it puts out a few puffs of smoke. Like Pavlov’s dog, the sleeper quickly associates the smell of smoke with the alarm, and learns to wake up to the smell of smoke alone. Eventually she can dispense with the buzzer, and sleep even more soundly, knowing that she will wake up instantly to the smell of smoke, whether it is from the clock, or from the house burning down. (It’s for this latter reason that a snooze button is not included.)
pluterday, Jun 26 2003

smells won't wake you http://www.scienced...05/040518075747.htm
Copied from my Morning Scent Alarm Clock idea. [carpeliam, Apr 05 2006]


       <last words/>Ah, it's just the clock gettin' ready to... zzzzz</last words>
thumbwax, Jun 27 2003

       I had an alarm clock that did this. Once.
Cedar Park, Jun 27 2003

       What [thumbwax] said. Anything my alarm clock does, I'll associate with sleepiness - probably this would make me sleepy whenever I smelled smoke, even if awake. Besides, I always set my clock about 45 minutes earlier than necessary, due to how long it takes me to drag ass out of bed; I presume fire usually kills you sooner than that.
hob, Jun 27 2003

       i could imagine there would be a health issue with daily passive smoking lol
rufio, May 28 2004

       reminds me of the simpsons episode where grandpa is awoken by his alarm clock, picks up the glass his false teeth are soaking in and lobs it at the wall before ramming the alarm clock in his mouth.   

       dunno if its relevant but i get annoyed that after pressing the snooze button a few times my clock seems to decide, in its infinite wisdom, that i dont want to get up and doesnt make a sound till next morning. quite annoying then when i wake up when i get hungry and im 3 hours late.
lau03205, Feb 18 2005

       Hah, this has given me a brilliant idea! Thanks [pluterday]!
froglet, Feb 18 2005

       sorry, apparently you can't train yourself to wake up by smells. :(
carpeliam, Apr 05 2006


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