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Alarm clock simulates full blown war!!
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The opposite of my slow-wake alarm clock idea.

You can use this on yourself if you are sadistic, It would be most effective when used as a prank on someone else.

You set up firecrackers, strobe lights and massive speakers connected to massive amps cranked up loud!

When the time comes to wake up you feel like you are in the midst of battle, mortars, explosions, gunfire, shouting, cannons, helicopters etc. For more effect you can add plants, camo net and (probably fake) dead bodies around the person's bed so they won't know what's going on. Flashing light's. Fan's for wind when a helicopter flies overhead, flares, smoke etc etc..

If you are not completely awake after that, youre dead.

The Duke, Mar 20 2008


       Would this be mushroom-shaped and accompanied by a bright, blinding flash? (I guess not - that would be more of an atomic clock)   

       <pedantic aside - looks like your apostrophe key got stuck near the end>   

       PS - Don't sell one to my neighbour, please.
Canuck, Mar 20 2008

       This is more an idea for a practical joke than an idea for an alarm clock. Would be better posted at practicaljoke.com.
zeno, Mar 20 2008

       are these self-igniting firecrackers, or do you have to get up first to light them?
xandram, Mar 20 2008

       Alarm clocks that simulate full blown war!! What are they good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again.
Fishrat, Mar 20 2008

       Here's where punctuation is vital:   

       //You can use this on yourself if you are sadistic, It would be most effective when used as a prank on someone else.//   

       The comma after "sadistic" is incorrect. But the fix is ambiguous. If a period belongs after "yourself", then the paragraph is correct and the fix is complete. If it belongs after "sadistic", then the word "sadistic" should be changed to "masochistic".   

       I love grammar.
globaltourniquet, Mar 20 2008

       napalm in the morning...
Voice, Mar 21 2008


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