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Sound Activated Annoyance Alarm

For those times when you just want to kick someone in the shin...
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For all those light sleepers out there. Have you ever been woke up by sounds that people around you make, either when they're awake or asleep?

I was inspired to do this because of my roommate. We have one small dorm room to share. I actually got in before midnight because I was tired and wanted to go to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I hear "ohhhhhhhh" then "mmmmmm". I looked over in her direction and see that she is alone in her bed. This continues for about 30 minutes before she is silent. So I figure it's safe to fall asleep now. I no more than drift off and get woken up again by her moaning! I end up staying up, unable to sleep, and skip class.

How this invention works: It's going to be a small chip that you place inside the offender's alarm clock/tv remote/cell phone next to the battery (where it derives its power). Whatever is closest to them whenever you both are trying to sleep. As soon as they make a loud noise, the chip is triggered and either a loud alarm wakes them up (or keeps them up, depending on their status) or the tv is powered on and volume is turned all the way up.

This won't get you any extra sleep but they'll start thinking twice about being noisy when you're trying to sleep.

flamingcrackmonkey, Nov 12 2003


       Or use earplugs, or alcohol.
Fishrat, Nov 12 2003

       It's hard to get up and move around the room once you're aware that your roommate is pleasuring herself.. it's really disturbing..
flamingcrackmonkey, Nov 12 2003


       1) Get a different roomate   

       2) Get into bed with her and join the fun   

       3) Pleasure yourself with moans that could be the soundtrack for a porno flick   

       4) Earplugs
Klaatu, Nov 12 2003

       I suggest alcohol ... thanks for reminding me, [fishrat]
Letsbuildafort, Nov 12 2003

       5) Applaud.
RayfordSteele, Nov 12 2003


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