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Snake Ties

Because they look cool.
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Ties, made from real (or fake) deceased snakeskin. Patterned Pythons; Rough-scaled Rattlesnakes; Vivid Vipers; Enormous Anacondas and, of course, the Deadly Taipan.

No need for fancy knots. Out taxidermy staff fit them internally with a slinky spring so they behave in a very lifelike manner when they're looped around your neck.

Not everyone's idea of casual fashion. Vive la difference!

UnaBubba, Feb 14 2013

snakeskin ties http://www.zazzle.com/snakeskin+ties
[xandram, Feb 15 2013]


       Shouldn't these be made available in some foreign country or other that each subsequent annotator can mention, along with praising the idea on its obvious merits? e.g. "What a great idea - I once saw one of these whilst working overseas in Uruguay."
zen_tom, Feb 14 2013

       No. Definitely not. I would rather they just look like real snakes.   

       I saw a tie a few days ago, with what looked like a woven pattern on it. It looked very nice, and got me thinking about tie patterns. I've always liked the look of Amethystine Pythons and the other big constrictors.
UnaBubba, Feb 15 2013


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