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Swiss Cheese Tie

unique tie range - not made from cheese
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Swiss cheese has holes of varying sizes and spaces.
Swiss Cheese Tie has holes of varying sizes and spaces.

Every piece of Swiss cheese is unique.
Every example of Swiss Cheese Tie is unique.

All ties are individually crafted from the finest cheese coloured fabric, and signed as a limited edition of 100.
Made by Em&all (who else)

xenzag, Apr 11 2008

Tis the closest I could find. http://picnic.ciao.com/uk/55973213.jpg
I'm surprised it's not baked. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 12 2008]

this guy will buy one http://i116.photobu...n/RichardCheese.jpg
[jaksplat, Apr 12 2008]

This guy's wearing one. http://www.flickr.c.../viskus/2126917935/
[jutta, Apr 12 2008]

Different guy, same tie. http://www.flickr.c...s/amusings/3670570/
[jutta, Apr 12 2008]

Wisconsin Cheese Tie, $12 http://www.wisconsi...se.com/products/122
Crap foto, but I think it's the tie the two gentlemen in the photos above this link are wearing. [jutta, Apr 12 2008]

Richard Cheese http://www.myspace.com/richardcheese
[jaksplat, Apr 14 2008]


       I am still amazed at the speed with which Google picks up the Halfbakery. Must have friends there, or something.
DrCurry, Apr 12 2008

       I actually have that Richard Cheese album. It's not without its problems, but amusing. Lounge versions of popular songs - I like them for the sheer incongruity (a lounge version of Nine Inch Nails "Closer"?) and because it's much easier to understand the lyrics.
jutta, Apr 12 2008

       would mice be a problem?   

       what DC said!
po, Apr 12 2008

       Mice not a problem, because mice do not eat fabric! - note subtitle - NOT MADE FROM CHEESE !!! (releases hundreds of specially bred ant sized mice into po's kitchen as punishment.
xenzag, Apr 12 2008

       I have all of Richard Cheese's albums. I like some of his versions better than the originals
jaksplat, Apr 13 2008

       /me scuttles off to look for Richard Cheese.
Noexit, Apr 14 2008

       My dog made me one of these for Christmas.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 14 2008


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