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Tie pool

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I work in an office where men are expected to wear ties. Every man who works in the office has invested in a small collection of ties. Also, I happen to own an identical tie as a colleague leading to our looking a bit silly when we both wear these ties on the same day.

These problems of everyone having to fund their own collection of ties and of tie duplication could be solved with a tie pool. Individuals would supply one or two ties to the pool which would be checked for uniqueness. When you get to work you would be able to choose a tie, replacing it in the pool at the end of the day or the following morning. This would ensure no duplicate ties are worn, it would allow for a much lower average expenditure on ties (e.g. 30 ties might give sufficient choice for an office of 20 men), and it would encourage people to get to the office early (if you want the gorgeous hand-woven silk tie).
hippo, Jan 18 2006


       Extreme version: clothes pool
wagster, Jan 18 2006

       Woah [wagster]! - nude commuting!
hippo, Jan 18 2006

       Wouldn't they get wet?
skinflaps, Jan 18 2006

       Excellent idea, [hippo]. I'm very glad I work in an office where ironing your clothes is optional, let alone tie-wearing. But I have worked in such places, and this is a very good idea indeed. I can see the arguments over tie purchasing now...
moomintroll, Jan 18 2006

       I've seen a tie-pool in a country pub in Oxfordshire (of all places). I like the idea, for which a bun, but would prefer to discourage the ridiculous practise of tie-wearing, so bun-neutral, I'm afraid.
coprocephalous, Jan 18 2006

       hippo/wagster: If we consider that ties are part of the businessman's uniform, then you will realise this is not a new idea, whether for clothes or just ties - people have been providing uniforms for their menial staff to change into for centuries.
DrCurry, Jan 18 2006

       We desperately need this at my work, as most people intentionally wear the same tie (even though it's not required).
Shz, Jan 18 2006


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