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Snakes and Ladders Bunk Bed

Make Bunk Beds Even Cooler.
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This would be similar to a normal bunk bed with the ladder to climb up, in what appears to be the standard position, of the head of the bed. But the method of getting down is entirely different. For you see, at the foot of the bed is a snake.

Whilst selling beds with live snakes in them might be slightly entertaining in a sadistic way, it wouldn't make good business sense, so this snake is made of plastic. In fact it isn't really a snake at all, it is a small slide taking you back down to ground level made with the outward appearance of being a giant snake in the process of devouring your bed. Perhaps even with what would appear to the casual observer to be scales on the outside.

This would be an add on that you could buy with a bunk bed purchase and clip on to the end of the bed for easy dismounting.

Fun for kids of all ages.

hidden truths, Oct 01 2005




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