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Sock Trap 2

pointy rubber hairs
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Imagine a bed sheet covered with soft rubber quills (not the pokey kind) all leaning one direction. Discarded clothing could only move one direction. In the morning, no more searching for discarded underwear, etc! Its all sure to have fallen on one side of the bed.

Lovers varient: slightly stiffer rubber quills leaning toward the center of the bed tend to push pajama'd people together as they sleep.

Voice, Dec 11 2008


       How do I keep this crazy thing from inching up off of me? The lover's version dosen't have this problem. Maybe all you really have here is a cool blanket that never falls off you or your lover's body.+
daseva, Dec 11 2008

       So cilia.   

       Pretty cillia you too.
normzone, Dec 11 2008


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