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Sock Trap

Now where are my socks...
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Sometimes when I decide to go to sleep at night, I fall asleep with my socks on. However, when I wake in the morning, my socks are at the foot of my bed trapped between the top sheet and the side of the mattress. Since its not usually something I think about, I end up forgetting what happened to my socks. Days later I'll discover 4-5 pairs of socks between the sheet and my mattress at the foot of the bed.

I wish I had some kind of bin, placed between the top sheet and cover sheet that would catch my socks. Inside the bin I would like a conveyor belt which would carry the socks from the foot of my bed to the side of the bed. Then every morning I could turn on the sock catcher and find my socks or other lost valubles while asleep. They'd be right at bedside for easy retrieval in the morning.

AndYouDontStop, Dec 10 2008

Documnets DocumNets
[normzone, Dec 11 2008]


       I think your problem is too many sheets.
phundug, Dec 10 2008

       See people think they lose the socks during laundering. Maybe what you really need is a longer bed.
theGem, Dec 10 2008

       Sounded quite banal until you got to the bit about the conveyor belt. That I like.
wagster, Dec 10 2008

       I can actually take one sock of with the other (still socked) foot, then take the other sock of with the now unclothed foot, yet holding the first sock so that if the second sock slides off, it slides over the first sock and I then have a nice little roll of two sokcs that I kick to the side.   

       It is one of my two great talents.
zeno, Dec 10 2008

       I call them blanket terrorists. They hide in the mountians and valleys of my blankets and focus on dismantling the economy of my sock drawer.   

       I think this is classic stuff. Plainly states the halfinspired motivation, solves a real nonvital problem, overcomplexifies the solution without scruples, not boring, closes with the promise of a better tomorrow. Almost too textbook. +
daseva, Dec 11 2008

       //It is one of my two great talents.//   

       The other one being? It's hard to imagine it being any greater than what you have described.
wagster, Dec 11 2008

       [zeno], is the second one the ability to tie a not in a cherry stalk with your Tongue?
gnomethang, Dec 11 2008

       It sounds like a possible adaptation for one of my old ideas, Documnets (link).
normzone, Dec 11 2008


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