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Traffic PayPass

Pay fellow drivers to get out of your way
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Finally, an upside to sharing the road with too-rich busy assholes! Wealthy people can offer cash to those in front of them, in exchange for pulling over.

You're driving down the road. An asshole is tailgating. You get a text: "john smith is a surgeon in his way to urgent surgery in a black Lexus, 3MOV274, will pay $10 to pass you". You pull over, he streaks by, and you're $10 richer. no need to reply. If Paypass's records gps shows you let him by, youve agreed.

The driver has only one decision: is that enough money? They decide by simply pulling over, or not. No chatting. The payment and detection is handled via gps on your phone.

Keen people can get a $20 pager like dashboard device that has its own mobile number, so the car gets the text, not te drivers phone, and it's easier to see while driving.

The rich people need only to choose a total price they'll pay. "for $200 you could probably get there 10 minutes sooner. $10,000 will get you 20 minutes sooner." The software uses traffic data to determine what bid to make to whom, when.

Until gps and/or other short range tech like NFC improve enough to detect lane positions, The rich asshole will probably have to pay for a fancier device, with a durable camera installed in the front bumper of their car, that reads license plates, converts to text, and looks up the owners mobile on payPass

Because the system only has value if most people participate, it's opt out. The DMV gets a cut, to provide the mobile number of the car, or driver. This data is collected as part of your vehicle registration.

The whole system is a Trojan horse for emergency vehicles, which can simply text "ambulance! Pull over now!!"

white, Jun 13 2012

bidding for greens bidding_20for_20greens
Redundant (but there's some kudos in being redundant with one of the rare "1999" ideas) - [marked-for-deletion] [hippo, Jun 14 2012]

spider car the_20spidercar
car to do this for free. [dev45, Jun 15 2012]


       You don't have to submit anything while you're driving. You just set a budget when you start driving.
white, Jun 13 2012

       So I can make loads of money by going out with a couple of mates and hogging the outside lane?
pocmloc, Jun 14 2012

       Pocmloc, yeah, that could be a problem if it ever got really popular. Until then, they would have a very low chance of finding a rich dude going their way, and a very high chance of pissing off a big angry trucker.
white, Jun 14 2012

       Hippo- wow, yeah, there's not much they didn't cover in bidding for greens, as long as you read all bazillion comments. Go vote for that, I guess. As you say, I'm proud to be thinking like our founding fathers of yore. It's like being in a tomb, those spooky dust old threads, no?
white, Jun 14 2012

       Hmm, yes, the bidding for greens discussion even includes my ideas of people exploiting the system by blocking those willing to pay.
pocmloc, Jun 14 2012

       Isn't this why tanks were invented ?
8th of 7, Jun 14 2012

       I agree with [8th of 7] thats what tankes and [bumhat]'s spider car see link are for.
dev45, Jun 15 2012

       People who piss me off when I'm driving my Deuce often discover the answer to that question.   

       What's so scary about looking in your rear-view mirror and seeing nothing but my front differential? What's scary about having your fillings rattled by the 100+db tri-tone horn that I built myself and concealed behind the front grill? What's scary about realizing that you've just made the driver of a 7-ton vehicle with 46" tires very unhappy by cutting him off so closely that he cannot actually see your car over the crown of his hood?   

       I don't know; you'll have to ask the oddly large number of people who do that to me. Some of them seem pretty scared, though, if the speed with which they suddenly decide to be somewhere else is any indication.   

       As I live in an area that has many twisting mountain roads without many passing zones, I'm a proponent of this idea. We get a lot of tourist traffic and there are often a great number of people 'from away' who seem to feel an urgent need to get to their liesure destinations as fast as fecking possible. I'd even offer a discount for those who are moderately polite about it. [+]
Alterother, Jun 15 2012

       I wouldn't define myself as a 'trucker', so I can't speak for their feelings. I think a more apt personal description would be 'owner/driver of giant truck'. My experience indicates that many drivers of small cars have no understanding of the operating dynamics of large, heavy vehicles; namely, that they don't stop on a dime and have a blind spot directly in front of the bumper that will easily swallow a hatchback.   

       Thanks to my tri-tone educational aid, there are a few dozen small-car drivers out there who have learned loud but valuable lessons without having their vehicles damaged--but there have been a few close calls. I try to drive my big nasty truck as courteously as possible, but road manners go both ways.
Alterother, Jun 15 2012

       To contradict both my past self and hippo, I now feel this idea is different from and better than green of greens because it has ZERO user interface. Simply pull over and or not. My dear gentlecreatures, is it not genius?!!
white, Jun 22 2015

       Mercentile [+]
Voice, Jun 22 2015

       //I deal with unsafe drivers by out-unsafing them//   

Voice, Jun 22 2015


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