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Traffic Jammers

Instead of helicopters, roving motorcycles take you from your cab and out of the traffic jam
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Not as fun as Unnabubba's "Get me outta here" traffic jam exractor that inspired this, but probably more practical due to the use of motorcycles instead of helicopters.

People on motorcycles could cruise around traffic jams waiting for the call and have bright lights on their helmets to catch the eye of frustrated passenger. You've been sitting in that cab for a half hour? Flag down (or call) a "Traffic Jammers" emergency traffic jam extrication motorcycle. When they pull up behind you, tell your cab driver (or date) to pull over. Get out, get on, and get on your way.

You'll pay a lot more, but time is money. Plus, if you're anything like me in a traffic jam, you're mildly insane so this would sound like a great idea.

doctorremulac3, Jun 16 2012




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