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Social Dynamics Infomercial

Tv show that teaches social dynamics
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I was just watching an infomercial with the salesperson at the front of the audience in a traditional one to many presentation format and I was thinking, what is the purpose of the audience - to make it more natural and so that you feel like you are part of a crowd that is agreeing on something except that wouldn't it be better to have the crowd in a more natural setting, like a cocktail party, or a grasslands setting. And then I was thinking it would be more direct of they were selling the ability to be a successful part of a crowd, so - either, 1. Have an infomercial/social dynamics class where they let an audience mix naturally like at a cocktail party, videotape it and then freeze the situation at some point and have psychologists comment on body language, successes and failures of folks in the crowd to the benefit of everyone rather then to the success of any one person -- so psychologists would counsel the group against leaving people out and towards inclusive and stimulating interaction, or 2. Have a show that is reality shot first-person from the perspective of someone who is always at the top of their game - social dynamic wise - in a crowd of people - so, put google glasses on someone who is in high demand from a predetermined group of people and have the infomercial presenter try to sell that high- demand person something, and have the high demand person calculatedly be won over to the product and win crowd members over in the process. This would have to be controlled against falseness - make the filming situation as real as possible.
JesusHChrist, Nov 04 2012


       They could make it more realistic by putting the audience into barcoloungers in their pyjamas.   

       I once had to sort through a dead guy's apartment for a charity store; while he didn't appear to have been a hoarder there was boxes and boxes of stuff from the Shopping Channel(s).   

       The shiny plastic crap comined with the stench of death sorta reinforced my opinion of infomercials and their target audience. I find it scary that I'm occasionally tempted by spam.   

       Anyways the idea, as far as I could read it, looks like it could be possibly interesting, meanwhile:   

       "A gorgeous set of all-purpose paragraph-breaks for only $19.99, but wait! there's more: order now and we'll throw in some matching punctuation marks."
FlyingToaster, Nov 04 2012


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