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smart phone camera lense on the edge

for taking video and pictures while holding your phone
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in public you might watnt to take a picture inconspicuously .

its not possible to do so with the lenses on either front of back side requiring you to hold the phone up to see the viewer screen.

i propose using the smallest lense available (the front facing lense is quite small) and placing an extra lense on the phone that is just on the top edge of the phone,

the smallest lenses aren't too big , especially for the phones that aren't the thinnest.

this way you could take video or picutres while holding the screen of the phone down low , looking as if you are reading something on your phone. no one would complain or ask you if you are recording them.

teslaberry, Apr 08 2017

Side-pointing camera
[xaviergisz, Apr 09 2017]


       Ah, street photography. Back in the previous century I went through about ten thousand frames of 35 millimeter in monochrome, or black and white. Good times indeed ...   

       Lots of techniques to minimize the odds of you interrupting the moment you are trying to capture. Pre-focus at a similar distance, or choose a zone, focus for it and wait for the impetus to pass through it.   

       What was the idea again?
normzone, Apr 08 2017

notexactly, Apr 09 2017

       sp.: lens
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 09 2017

       I think that many people might have thought about this. I thought about having an optical filament, like a fiber optic, with bevels, around the edge that could collect an image then have a computer reconstruct it. you could even weave a fiber grid around the back and sides to get a full view.
beanangel, Apr 11 2017

       [marked-for-deletion], redundant with [xavier]'s idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 11 2017


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