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Is my coffee still hot?
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A small thermometer on the side of the thermos, to know the temperature of your drink.
DesertFox, Jan 04 2006

(?) Powered Thermos http://www.thesourc...ets&product=6313020
Would something like this help out? [Canuck, Jan 05 2006]

(?) Thermos Thermometer http://agtechinc.co...dimages/b6-6272.jpg
Not exactly what [DesertFox] described, and sort of makes you wonder what the makers were thinking. [jurist, Jan 05 2006]


       do you mean inside the thermos? otherwise it's a thermometer.
rainbow, Jan 04 2006

       The readout is on the outside, yes, but the little bulb at the bottom is on the inside. It would be useless to have to open the thermos to see how hot the drink is. Kind of defeats the purpose.
DesertFox, Jan 05 2006

       You can get a thermos that plugs in to keep beverages hot - see link.
Canuck, Jan 05 2006


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