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Soupspoon Theater

chin-based kiddy comedy kit
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Choose a pair of rolling plastic eyes and stick them onto the middle of your chin. Add your selection of funny nose and maybe a moustache to attach under your lower lip. Press a wild hairdo under your chin like a beard and frame in the face with an upside down pair of silly ears.

Holding the giant soupspoon-like concave mirror in front of your chin, talk, sing and make faces to yourself. Your made-up chin reflection will look like an outrageous character with an inverted mouth. When you’ve stopped laughing make a new crazy face.

FarmerJohn, Aug 18 2004


       Does this kit include a split bib to act as stage curtains i wonder?
skinflaps, Aug 18 2004

       Farmer, you're completely certifiable.
david_scothern, Aug 18 2004

       Bun for 'chin-based kiddy comedy'.
Ichthus, Aug 18 2004

       Has the world gone mad?
dobtabulous, Aug 18 2004


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